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In order to increase dealership interaction and quality of service, OTOM has signed a sector-first policy with its special b2b system Continuing its online investments in order to contribute to product promotion and sales of our dealers, has launched e-commerce site under the roof of the company and cooperated with Turkey's leading online sales sites.


OTOM proudly represents our country in domestic and international fairs and foreign trade markets with its foreign trade fairs and has made it possible for its products to meet with consumers at foreign markets. The country continues its efforts to contribute to the economy and to provide employment. It presents its products to users in 4 continents and 27 countries around the world. It also continues to build relationships with new markets.


OTOM serves the Turkish market with 500 dealers and nearly 1000 sales points throughout the country. In order to increase the quality of service, we continue to work on the infrastructures that we have done to increase the close cooperation with the customers to the benefit of the consumers and to ensure the accessibility of their products. Foreign franchisees have also accelerated their support so that foreign franchisees can get services in the same quality as the Turkish market.


OTOM has completed technological infrastructure investments to increase production capacity and customer satisfaction. With advanced technology cnc cutting machines, cnc sewing machines and engineering drawing programs, production speed, capacity and quality have been brought to world standards. Besides mechanization, it has aimed to increase the capacity and to provide new employment with new investments.

Otom has become a company that leads the firsts rather than following the innovations in the sector with its knowledge and experiences based on many years. Many of the projects and innovations that have been realized are registered with us and our esteemed business partners.


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