Quality The quality standards of OTOM products are the result of the blending of the raw material quality used from the raw yarn to the finished product with high production technology. Design From drawing to 3D modeling, OTOM seat covers are prepared by our professional and original design team by prioritizing customer benefits. Technology Thanks to our technological infrastructure that increases our production and service quality, our products offer effective solutions to user's expectations. Service Our professional sales network throughout Turkey, our system and our B2B online channel AUTO makes quality and service always accessible.

Online Sales

In order to increase dealership interaction and service quality, OTOM has achieved a first in the sector with its b2b system www.otombayi.com. In order to contribute to the promotion and sales of our products it continued to online investment and www.otomstore.com e-commerce site was put into service, and it has collaborated with Turkey’s leading online retail sites.


OTOM proudly represented our country in foreign markets with its domestic and international fairs and its foreign trade department, and ensured that its products meet with consumers in foreign markets. It continues to work with the effort of contributing to the national economy and providing employment. It offers its products to users in 4 continents and more than 70 countries.


OTOM across the country, with more than 2000 large dealer network and serves close to 1000 points of sale market in Turkey. In order to increase the service quality, it continues its infrastructure works without slowing down in order to increase the cooperation with its dealers and to ensure the accessibility of its products. It has also accelerated its support to its foreign dealers so that they can receive the same quality service.


OTOM has completed its technological infrastructure investments in order to increase its production capacity and customer satisfaction. With advanced technology cnc cutting machines, cnc sewing machines and engineering drawing programs, the production speed, OTOM has targeted it’s capacity and quality to be brought to world standards.

Europe’s Largest Comfort Products Manufacturer

The production adventure of our products starting from raw yarn ends in our integrated facilities with all its stages.

Wide Dealer Network
Sqm Production Facility
Available Over 70 Countries

Perfect Design

Suitable design with 3D modeling technology, unlimited combinations special to your choices.

High Quality Material

3-layer, easy-to-clean fabric and leather options that do not contain carcinogenic substances, combining comfort and long-lasting use.

Special Airbag Sewing Technology

Your driving is safe with us with Special Airbag Precision Stitching Technology.